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IMA’s relationship with A-Safe Barrier Systems goes back some 8yrs. In that time A-Safe have gone from a relatively small manufacturer of polymer based safety barrier systems to the major international concern they are today.

We like to think that IMA’s guidance and brand building expertise has helped them to achieve their international brand presence and helped position A-Safe as the market leader and innovator in the global safety barrier market.

It was A-Safe's innovative approach to design that created the opportunity for IMA to help them launch their latest product RackEye.

Whilst traditionally A-Safe's products are based around their polymer barrier systems, RackEye was a complete new venture for them, so much so that it is actually a world’s first. The RackEye system is a digital impact detection system that warns warehouse managers of potentially dangerous and costly damage to racking systems.


A-Safe came to IMA with an urgent need to promote the system at the upcoming CeMat exhibition in Hannover, Germany.

The problem being the product was still in development stage and there was no existing material to work from and we had a 6-week deadline starting from nothing to achieve the brief.


The solution was a 2-minute video that combined Motion Graphics and live footage to demonstrate the clever little product and all the benefits it brings. Plus a 12-page brochure in six languages for potential customers to feast their eyes upon.

The result was the successful launch of RackEye at CeMat and some very promising enquiries from some of the world’s biggest blue chip companies.

We will keep you posted!

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