The Brief...

Following the acquisition of Kestrel Lager by Brookfield Drinks - owner Nigel McNally asked us to work on the relaunch programme. Bought by Nigel because of its heritage and still strong distribution of the original 9% ABV Kestrel Super can he saw the opportunity to expand the portfolio to 5% ABV in cans and bottles and a 4% Pilsner in line with drinking trends. The award winning lager is brewed in Scotland with Scottish water and uses the Holy Brewing method which ferments the beer for a full 7 days to give it it's unique taste.

What We Did...

Design and produce the Kestrel TV Commercial. On MTV and the Comedy Channel, to provide the reach to the target audiences and importantly convince the big multiple retailers to stock it. Nigel wanted a TV commercial that reflected the Scottish heritage and unique brewing method.

"Over 4 million people saw the ad and it helped us gain listings in a number of Grocery and Convenience Multiples, Cash and Carries, Wholesalers and independent outlets. The result has been a dramatic increase in distribution and growth in volumes.

IMA Group provided a very creative approach to producing our Kestrel TV commercial which was extremely well managed, produced to a high quality, was on time and to budget. The desired response was to have increased distribution and sales and this objective was certainly achieved."

Nigel McNally, Managing Director Brookfield Drinks Ltd.

  • Client
    Brookfield Drinks
  • Skills
    promoting, communicating, growing